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Professional counselling in Chesterfield and surrounding areas for adults and young people.

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About Andrea Emmerson:
Counsellor MBACP Patient and understanding, experienced and effective.

We all experience feelings of sadness, guilt, regret and anger at different times in our lives, due to bereavement or grief. Those feelings can sometimes become overwhelming and it is at these times that professional help can make all the difference.

A patient, understading and analytical approach, identifying the triggers for the feelings – which are often very deep-rooted – is the starting point to recovery. Everyone is different and counselling should take as long as necessary to help the individual to deal with his or her own particular issues so that they can begin to move forward and embrace the future with positivity.

I am Andrea Emmerson and I offer expert, qualified help for people who are struggling with bereavement and grief. I can give you effective ways of learning to cope with the stressors associated with loss and how to manage symptoms.

I work with the NHS to provide short-term therapy for their staff who seek support for their own emotional well-being.

I have worked as Counsellor for Ashgate Hospice in the Patient and Family Support Team. I work with Suicide Awareness, supporting people who have been affected by suicide or suicidal feelings. I help spread awareness by delivering 'Suicide Awareness' training courses across the country.

I also work with people who have been the victim of sexual abuse. Many people keep this a secret well into their adult life and find that the effects can be devastating, with feelings of anger, low self-esteem and trust issues.

I counsel people seeking support for work-related issues such as stress, low self-esteem depression and anxiety. Feeling stressed for a prolonged period of time can greatly affect your life, physically and mentally. You may have trouble sleeping and have a feeling of sadness. I can help you understand what may be the cause and give you ways to overcome it by understanding your triggers.

Patient listening combined with expert help. This is the Andrea Emmerson way.

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How I help

I am a counsellor who takes an integrative approach using the three main proven methods – psychodynamic, person-centred (sometimes referred to as humanistic) and cognitive-behavioural.

Integrative therapy is a progressive form of counselling that combines different therapeutic tools and approaches to fit the individual needs of the client.

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My experience

  • I am a fully qualified MBACP registered counsellor. Please see my BACP profile or find me on linkedin.

    I trained at Worksop College for five years, achieving my counselling qualification over 10 years ago.

    Since qualifying I have gained valuable experience and learned many different life skills, working and volunteering in a wide number of sectors.

  • Counselling is a two way process, the client -counsellor relationship is the most important part of the work. I offer a safe confidential space to explore worries and concerns without the use of professional jargon!

    I counsel people seeking support for work related issues such as stress, low self esteem depression and anxiety. Feeling stressed for a prolonged period of time can greatly affect your life, physically and mentally. You may have trouble sleeping and have a feeling of sadness. I can help you understand what may be the cause and ways you may be able to overcome it by understanding your triggers.

  • As a Bereavement Counsellor for a local hospice I provided counselling for patients and their families who are struggling with bereavement and grief. Grief is associated with feelings of sadness, yearning, guilt, regret, and anger. I can show you effective ways to learn to cope with the stressors associated with the loss and how to manage symptoms.

    I am trained in Suicide Awareness and support people who have been affected by Suicide. Suicide can be devastating. many people – friends, family, professionals, colleagues and wider society will feel the impact. I believe that too many people die from suicide. And in many cases deaths can be prevented if warning signs are recognised and appropriate support provided.

  • I volunteered as a counsellor in Adult Survivors of Sexual Abuse and telling their stories can be very difficult. Many adults keep this a secret well into their adult life, often finding that the effect upon them has had devastating consequences not only throughout their childhood but also in their adult life with feelings of anger, low self esteem and trust issues. Counselling is a chance to be heard, and to talk about what has happened to you. I will listen to you. You will be supported if you would like to make changes in your life.

  • If you are experiencing any of these issues, I can support you through them:

    • Counselling for depression and anxiety
    • Grief Counselling
    • Low self-esteem or lacking in confidence
    • Work and Career issues
    • Stress Management
    • Addiction & Recovery
    • Family problems
    • Obsessive thinking and intrusive thoughts
    • Emotional, verbal and sexual abuse
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Suicidal thoughts


  • Dip HE Counselling Practice
  • Certificate in Counselling Skills
  • Awareness and Counselling Skills Level 2
  • ITA – 101 (Institute of Transactional Analysis)
  • Dip Couns. Suicide
  • Adult Education & Teaching Award

What you can expect
from my counselling

At your first appointment we look at what you want to talk about. Some people are clear at the start with what they are looking for and others need a few sessions to think it through. Either way is fine.

I will ask some general questions about you and if you have any concerns or questions, this is a good opportunity to discuss these too. We can then agree on weekly sessions of 60 minutes; if you prefer, they can be at the same time each week.

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If your therapy is being funded by someone else, then a certain number of sessions may be offered, so we look at how to work together within that time frame.

If you are self-funding, this is called open-ended therapy where we do not decide on an end date. The therapy will be ongoing, incorporating review sessions along the way.

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Sessions are £40 per hour, with week days and evening
appointments available.

Parking is available.

I work with adults and teenagers (14-19)

If you think counselling sounds right for you, please feel free to get in touch to learn more or arrange an appointment.

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Common Questions


  • Stress Management
    Andrea challenged my deeply pre-programmed preconceptions and views of myself and the wider world as I saw it – which helped me to see a different perspective than my tenaciously held 'beliefs’ on self and those around me. With her help and guidance I have faced myself in the mirror (which was very difficult for me and rather emotional to say the least) and was able to accept what and who I am. For those of us who are struggling to cope with self-esteem, loneliness and occasional anger control I would heartily recommend you to reach out to Andrea to start you on your journey to understand and self-heal your problems.
    M -
  • Conflict Resolution
    I decided to try counselling at a low point in my life when I was dealing with the emotional difficulties of a very close bereavement and trying to rebuild my life and my confidence as a woman suddenly coping with life alone for the first time . Before counselling began I was not sleeping more than a couple of hours a night and I was experiencing emotional storms which were affecting my life greatly. Andrea was recommended to me by a close friend and I am so glad I took her advice. In just six weeks I feel so much better, I am sleeping through the night, I am gaining in confidence, and feeling much more positive about the future. My close friends have commented that I seem so much more positive and happy. Andrea has a very thoughtful and reassuring approach. She is very insightful ,challenging my thoughts where she needs to, but in a supportive and empathetic way. I can recommend her wholeheartedly.
    J -
  • Emotional, verbal and sexual abuse
    I have been visiting Andrea over the last few months for my issues with depression and anxiety. I have found her to be an excellent listener and very motivational. She has helped me address my issues through a number of methods and has aided in my recovery. I would heartedly recommend her services. Thanks and regards
    RD -
  • Family problems
    Meeting Andrea, I was at my lowest point, very angry at life and with people, with absolutely no self-esteem. At my first session, Andrea allowed me the time to talk and open up about my life and it became very clear how deep rooted my emotions are. As my sessions unfolded, Andrea unpicked events of my life which gave me an understanding of my feelings and why significant events had such a big impact on my life. Revisiting my painful past helped me process why I deal with my emotions and emotional pain in the way I do and seeing the impact it has had on me. Moving forward positively with life, I now have strategies and tools to help me manage and deal with my emotions and life. On meeting Andrea, I was open minded and had no expectations. I immediately felt that Andrea was the right person for me. She was very sensitive and in tune to my needs and gave the right amount of support. Andrea was very welcoming and nurturing whilst being totally professional. From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank Andrea for the support and much needed help, allowing me to move forward in a more positive life, whilst leaving the door open for me to return if ever I feel the need to. Thank you, Andrea.
    MH -

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